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Left: Johnny de Brest's "Vladracul" (photographed in 1996): "Fahrenheit 451" "9/11" (2001)
On the right: "The Foto-Fix-World of Johnny de Brest" at the "Volkswagen Fotogalerie", Hong Kong, Jan 10 - 23, 2003
Hong Kong, 2003
"Asia Mon Amour",
Foto-Fix-Portrait, January 2003

"Fahrenheit 451" Johnny de Brest

A dubious researched Jean Seberg-"Tagesspiegel"-Film-Critic by Peter von Becker
and a Letter to the Editor by Johnny de Brest in July 2001 followed a Sabotage and
a Revenge by "Tagesspiegel"-Art-Critic Peter Herbstreuth on Johnny de Brest,
December 2001.

Johnny de Brest's favorite Song of Winter 2002 / 2003: Peter Sarstedt "Where do
go to..." Johnny de Brest-Exhibtions in Hong Kong, January 2003, SARS!

"The Truman-Show " Johnny de Brest
The Production of Johnny de Brest's Life, based on
his Dreams, Interests and Art
Peter Sarstedt's (SARS) "Where do you go to..." from 1969,
rediscoverd by Johnny de Brest in 2002

"Where do you go to..." Peter Sarstedt

"Your name it is heard in high places / You know the Agha Khan / He sent you a
race horse for Christmas and you keep it just for fun /
for a laugh, aha aha.
They say that when you get married / It will be to a millionaire / But they don't realize
where you came from / And I wonder if they really care..."

Based on Peter Sarstedt's Song, Hollywood and Media staged Johnny de Brest
in Hong Kong, January 2003. Peter Weir's "The Truman-Show" and the "Reality-
Show" of "Truman" Johnny de Brest.
A Horse Race for Johnny de Brest, X-Mas 2002,
Chinese New Year 2003: February 1, The Year of the Sheep
Johnny de Brest and his Management Margit Baier Kleinman, "BKI",
Hong Kong, 2003
Johnny de Brest's Management: Margit Baier Kleinman, "BKI",
Hong Kong, 2003
Art and Politics
Johnny de Brest
"Fahrenheit 451"
Berlin, 2003
"Please introduce me to Ramesh", Foto-Fix, 1998,
Background: Polaroids by Phoinissa, Bombay, India
Die Welt

"Ein Chamäleon vor der Kamera... verwandelt er sich in eine Filmdiva,
einen... Rockstar (oder) einen Faun..."
Die Welt
Berlin, 2003

Photo-Novel "Vladracul" (1991 - 1996)

Die Welt

"Apokalyptisch... Morbide"
"De Brest wurde mit seinen Ausstellungen ein Liebling der Stadtmagazine"

Art and Politics
Berlin, December 2002
Johnny de Brest "Geisha",
Photo: Marion Hunger, "Die Welt", 2002
"Die Welt zu Gast"
Interview and Photo-Shoot with "Die Welt"
Johnny de Brest
Die Welt
Hong Kong
Nordhorn - Berlin - Los Angeles, 2002
From Culture Club's "Time" to Style Council, Prince and Prefab Sprout
Upcoming Exhibition
Stadtmuseum Povelturm, Nordhorn, 2003
"Parties, Portraits etc."
Stadtmuseum Povelturm
Hong Kong, 2003
  "Studioline Black", Foto-Fix from 1998

Following an Exhibition of Christopher Doyle
(Wong Kar Wai) at the "Volkswagen Fotogalerie",
Johnny de Brest brings his "Foto-Fix-World" to
Hong Kong. Also featuring some Images from
his "Hollywood Diary", de Brest's artistic Reaction
to Los Angeles.
  "The Foto-Fix-World of Johnny de Brest"
Volkswagen Fotogalerie

Volkswagen Fotogalerie
2 Lower Albert Road, Central
Hong Kong

Jan 10 - 23, 2003
Berlin - Los Angeles - San Francisco, 2002
"The Foto-Fix-World of Johnny de Brest"

Johnny de Brest and his Management
canceled an Exhibtion in San Francisco
Berlin, 2002
  Johnny de Brest at Rafael Horzon's
Berlin, 2002 goes online