Johnny de Brest is currently working on "War - Fashion- Fake",
a Photo-Commentary on the Use of Breaking News and Military-Images in Fashion and Art.
From Madonna, Kylie Minogue + Nick Cave's "Where the wild
Roses grow" (1995), Christoph Schlingensief, David Fincher,
Madonna and Chris Cunningham's (Aphex Twin) Video "Frozen"
(1998), David LaCHapelle, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller,
Matthew Barney's "Cremaster Cycle" (1994/1995 - 2002), David
Lars von Trier, Jake + Dinos Chapman's "Hell (2004 /
2005), Paul McCarthy, John Bock, Douglas Gordon, Jon
Meese's "Mama Johnny",
Romuald Haszoume's "Dream-Boat"!
("Bode-Prize" "Documenta XII", 2007),
DJ Hell's "Teufelswerk"
(2009), James Franco, Lady Gaga to Bill Viola: The Influence of
Johnny de Brest's Art and Life on other Artists is enormous...
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"9/11", "Fukushima" and Johnny de Brest....
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